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The idea for the First Canadian National Undergraduate Bioethics Conference comes from a student who was partially funded by St. Francis Xavier University to attend one of the annual National Undergraduate Bioethics Conferences held in the United States.

By the time this conference takes place, the United States will have hosted 5 such conferences, so it becomes quickly apparent that many Canadian undergraduate students have a lot of ground to cover in order to catch up. The first of these initiatives was organized and held by Princeton University, with subsequent conferences hosted by: University of Virginia, University of Notre Dame, Emory University, and Boston University.

The St. Francis Xavier University "BioethiX Society" was ratified in the Fall of 2001 and it is the members of the BioethiX Society that are primarily responsible for organizing this conference (St. Francis Xavier University is warmly referred to as "X" by its students).

As many bioethical questions can be first understood only in the context of the structures of the medical and legal systems of a particular society, it makes sense that many questions raised at the annual conference in the United States are discussed in terms of the United States healthcare and legal systems.

One of the main aspirations of this Canadian undergraduate conference initiative is that these questions be discussed in a context as familiar to Canadians as the context in which questions are discussed at the conferences in the United States is familiar to Americans. This entails the discussion of contemporary bioethical issues in terms of the Canadian healthcare and legal systems, which will be a focus at this conference.

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