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Rooms at Coady International Institute

There are a limited number of rooms available at the Coady International Institute, located on the St. F.X.U. campus. Coady is within several minutes walking distance of where the conference events are being held. Rooms at Coady International Institute are available for a special student price of $15.00 Canadian ($9.00 U.S.) per night. In order to be eligible for a room at Coady, you must select "Yes" in response to the question on the online registration form.

If you would like a room at Coady for the conference, the cost is $45.00 ($27.00 U.S.) for accommodations on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. The rooms are reserved in three night blocks to simplify payment, so it will cost $45.00 to stay at Coady, whether it is for two or three nights. As these rooms will be in high demand, you will be asked to send payment for the room along with your registration fee. While registration fees are not refundable, payment sent for a room at Coady can be refunded if more than 2 days notice of cancellation are given prior to the conference.

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