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Sponsor Policy

It is both the policy of the St. Francis Xavier University BioethiX Society, and the First Canadian National Undergraduate Bioethics Conference Steering Committee not to accept funding from pharmaceutical companies, or, corporations involved in the research, production or application of biomedical, cybernetic or agricultural technologies. In addition, it is also the policy of the above not to accept funding from religious groups or sects. This policy exists to safeguard the proceedings and discussions at this conference from restriction by the interests of the aforementioned entities.
However, any unconditional donations offered by these corporations or organizations will certainly be considered. If any groups, companies, corporations or sects that are classified under any of the above criteria appear as funders of this conference, it will be due to their having made an unconditional donation.

For all other organizations, groups or governmental departments that wish to sponsor this conference, please contact Josh Leslie, president of the St. F.X.U. BioethiX Society at his e-mail address for more information.

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