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General Information


Be a Representative for your School!

All student participants at the conference will be considered a 'representative' of their post-secondary institution. As such, participants may ask questions on behalf of themselves, or alternately, on behalf of other students at their post-secondary institution. How does this work?

All post-secondary institutions with a 'representative' at the conference are eligible to receive a real-time webcast of some of the conference proceedings — specifically, they may connect to the webcast to enable other students from their institution to watch all of the keynote speeches.

In addition, students from institutions with 'representatives' at the conference may submit questions via e-mail during keynote speeches, to be asked by their representative during the question periods following each speech. The e-mail will be constantly monitored, and questions will be forwarded to appropriate representatives as they arrive.

Please note, that due to the number of post-secondary institutions participating, not all questions will be able to be asked. However, all questions that aren't asked will be passed on to the keynote speakers for reply after the conference proceedings. [One question limit, per participant (present or participating via webcast), per keynote speaker.]

Finally, if a post-secondary institution from a country outside of Canada or the United States wishes to receive the webcast, a representative from the host university will be appointed on their behalf. Any such institutions interested in receiving the webcast may send a request to .