2nd Canadian National Undergraduate Bioethics Conference Logo

Conference Format


The following workshops are being offered at the conference. Participants choose to attend one of the two offerings in each respective workshop session.

Professional-led Workshops

Workshop Session #1 (11:00-12:30)

“Euthanasia” — Philip Herbert


“Patient Sexuality in Long Term Care Facilities” — Barb Secker

Student-led Workshops

Workshop Session #2 (13:30-14:15)

“Ethics and Mental Health: Reproductive Ability or Sterility” — Archana Bhatt and Kate Malisani


“What is Gender Reassignment For? A Critique of the Standards of Care” — Jonathan Lear

Workshop Session #3 (14:30-15:15)

“Democracy, Liberation Theology and Healthcare Distribution” — Diego Steven Silva and Shail Rawal


“Genetic Engineering: Preventing a Genetic Arms Race” — Andrew Milroy and James Dixon