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Picture of LINC building, where the 3rd CNUB Conference will take place at the University of Lethbridge

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This conference is being planned and organized by The U of L Psychology and Neuroscience Club (PANiC) at the University of Lethbridge in partnership with Josh Leslie who was the Chair of the First Canadian National Undergraduate Bioethics Conference held in Antigonish, Nova Scotia at St. Francis Xavier University in February 2003. Josh Leslie recently established the Canadian Student Bioethics Initiative (CSBI), and they are also lending support to the organization of the conference, as well as overseeing the bidding and selection process for future conference host-institutions.

PANiC works continually at the University of Lethbridge to integrate faculty, students and the community involved in areas of Psychology and Neuroscience and to provide information, promote communication and facilitate relationships among these individuals in a casual and supportive atmosphere.

In hosting the 2006 CNUB Conference we hope to foster and continue a tradition of Undergraduate Bioethics Conferences in Canada similar to the rich and steadfast tradition of National Undergraduate Bioethics Conferences hosted at prestigious universities in the United States, since 1999. It is our hope that this conference will draw approximately 100 participants from across the country and continue to form the foundation for conferences to come.

As many bioethical questions can be first understood only in the context of the structures of the medical and legal systems of a particular society, it makes sense that many questions raised at the annual conference in the United States are discussed in terms of the United States healthcare and legal systems.

One of the main aspirations of this Canadian undergraduate conference initiative is that these questions be discussed in a context as familiar to Canadians as the context in which questions are discussed at the conferences in the United States is familiar to Americans. This entails the discussion of contemporary bioethical issues in terms of the Canadian healthcare and legal systems, which will be a central focus at this conference.

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