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Picture of LINC building, where the 3rd CNUB Conference will take place at the University of Lethbridge

general information

mission statement

It is the mandate of the Third Canadian National Bioethics Conference to both raise awareness and dispel obscurity about bioethical issues on a national and international level amongst Canadian undergraduate students.

It is, of course open to undergraduate students worldwide, but many issues will be addressed in terms of contemporary Canadian legal and medical structures and policies; and in general, in terms of life in Canadian society.

conference objectives

  1. as per above mission statement.
  2. to provide a national (and international) forum for an open dialogue amongst undergraduate students on contemporary bioethical issues, especially those most concerning daily Canadian life.
  3. to give undergraduate students — future healthcare professionals, legal professionals, bioethicists, and policy makers — the opportunity to network with students with related interests and career plans.
  4. to continue a self-propagating system of Canadian undergraduate conferences, to occur biennially initially, and eventually annually.
  5. to inspire students to take what they have learned, and actively engage in making their fellow students aware of bioethical issues upon their return to their respective universities.
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